With Drumfire ™ you’ll have whatever you need to bring the interest back to where it belongs: YOU! Gone are the days of twirling your sticks wishing to capture the target market’s eye? Drumfire ™ lets you be emphasized of the program and offers your band a special stage visibility to stand apart amongst the others. Each LED Drumfire ™ set is plug and also play and will get your drums brightened in minutes! Whether you are a skilled vet or just starting out with drums, come join us– provide the drummer some– and also late up your skills!

Justin Vigil – Extracts

It is a powerful minute when you hear the target market wheeze as well as claim “I have actually never ever seen that before” as well as send them home with a performance they will be informing their buddies about. Drumfire has aided define my visual design as a drummer and an artist as well as I love pushing the limitations of what is feasible with the system. It’s secure to state that as long as I’m drumming, I’m drumming with Drumfire.


The original and best-LED drummers are one-of-a-kind and also captivating. This is an exceptional program without a competitor. 5 mysterious personalities made from light as well as sound will certainly take you on an amazing as well as the mesmerizing journey. High impact drumming and also loveable music arrangements, lovely lighting design, dynamic choreography, dazzling outfits, as well as solid personalities: this is a need to see. This LED Drumming is thrilling target markets throughout the world because 2012.


LED Drummers are a highly adaptable medium range program which has actually been created to work in a number of different settings. The show will certainly work as a site particular fixed piece and also as a renovating performance. It will usually be carried out as a mix of both. The efficiency integrates static set-pieces, motion between websites as well as audience interaction. The entertainers constantly change the focal point of the program and in some cases border the audience totally so they really feel submersed in the dramatization which unfolds. The program slowly constructs in strength finishing in a big climax of light, noise, smoke and activity.

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